Global background seismicity since 1990 and great circle paths for 150 earthquakes >M5.5 recorded at the NoMelt OBS array in 2012.



NoMelt: seismic constraints on oceanic lithosphere petrofabric

The goal of this project is to comprehensively characterize the anisotropic structure of ~70 Ma oceanic lithosphere. This will help us better understand mid ocean ridge processes as well as the evolution of oceanic lithosphere.

OBSrange: A new tool for the precise location of ocean bottom seismometers

We have developed a new tool called OBSrange for precisely locating ocean bottom seismometers (OBS) on the seafloor. The tool is written in both Python and MATLAB and open for use by the scientific community.

ENAM: Seismic anisotropy offshore eastern North America

The goal of this project is to better understand the anisotropic structure of old Atlantic lithosphere.

Wave propagation: Love wave overtone interference

Love wave propagation is complex in oceanic environments due to the pronounced low velocity zone (LVZ). I work to better understand these complexities in order to make use of Love wave observations in oceanic environments.

Using seismology to constrain the complete elastic tensor of ~70 Ma oceanic lithosphere.

How data can be sonified and visualized to better understand patterns in the Earth system.

A primer on geophysics and seismology career paths as well as research opportunities for undergraduates.

Other Projects


Visualizing Earth's Free Oscillations

After a large earthquake, Earth’s normal modes vibrate like waves on a guitar string. If the earthquake is large enough, the Earth can ‘ring’ for days or weeks. This video demonstrates both visually and sonically these free oscillations of the Earth.

Earthquake Sonification

Earthquakes produce seismic waves that are recorded by seismometers. I work with the Seismic Sound Lab at Columbia University to turn these seismic data into sound!

Research As Art

The earth sciences are particularly visual, and often figures produced are quite literally ‘works of art’. Research as Art aims to showcase this scientific art from researchers across the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory community.


Getting out from behind the computer…


Fieldwork photos from Central Turkey to the South Pacific.